Sunday, June 3, 2012

Look Truth in the Eye

"Interior collapse leads to certain consequences. Man starts to see things
in a different light. Two diametrically opposed effects can result. If man is
sufficiently strong and impartial, he will not lower his eyes before implacable
reality. He will have the courage to face things directly, and to accept
the constatations which are imposed on him, no matter how disagreeable
they are. This signifies that he has firmly started on the track which leads to
the path of Access to the Way. On the other hand, if the man is weak, this
experience will weaken him even more. The law is explicit: 'To whosoever
hath, to him shall be given. But whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even
that which he hath.'2 If man does not accept his situation and, in particular,
his inner state as it appears to him, thanks to brief illuminations from the
consciousness of the real 'I'—if he is obstinate against all evidence, justifying
his Personality by protecting himself behind logic, legitimacy and justice,
he will then turn his back on the path of Access, and thrust himself further
into the wilderness."

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