Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spiritual Fatherhood, Magnetism, the Matrix

Another good post at Unurthed.

The A arrows represent the blind forces of Fate, which drive man in misery from birth to death. If he succeeds in absorbing magnetic impulses (Wordsworth's "vernal wood" impulses?) from the Divine, which flow from Center E, outside or transcendent from profane Life as man begins it, he will develop a small clear center which is magnetized to the Good. This provokes conflict in himself and around him (Jesus' "sword" which divides man from himself and crucifies the "old man"). Man, at this point, must survive, because to lose this center and fight would be to end up worse than before. But now he has help - he will be linked magnetically to stronger men or women with stronger centers, in a chain which leads closer and closer to the Divine. This was the old Catholic ideal of spiritual fatherhood and obedience.

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