Sunday, April 1, 2012

Present Day Amerika

Note who or what is the spiritual authority at any moment, or how it has changed over time. The spiritual authority is whatever cannot be publicly doubted or challenged. This is the legitimate task of a lawful spiritual authority, whose job is to maintain spiritual unity of the whole. However, an illegitimate spiritual authority will be enforcing palpable untruths for the benefit of a subgroup. As Guido de Giorgio pointed out, the true light of God is faceted into a multiplicity through a hierarchy of spiritual beings. Each nation is under the guardianship of certain beings. However, it a state of disorder, an alien spirit may be (mis)guiding a nation. This requires keen discernment. Note that by nation, here, we mean fundamentally a group that is spiritually united before any other considerations, as we have described in the several posts on the Ancient City. These nations can be related vertically in a hierarchal way without destroying their individual characteristics.
from Gornahoor, Cologero

Can you say, the Beast of Ephesus, or the Prince of Persia?

Clearly, America is under the domination of a dark power, as "outcasts" routinely run for and achieve high office. The "unthinkable" is now a reality - America could "go socialist" voluntarily. America was discovered by stone Age Europeans, colonized by Phoenicians and Celts (this is why American Indians on the East Coast are non-Oriental), and later settled by the Northern Europeans. It was founded as an extension of old Europe's principles, but cleaned up and universalized so that the internecine wars between those powers would not be perpetuated. That was its angelic intention. It was a land where everyone who was loyal to this, down to the lowest serf, could unite in a fuller expression of God's universal reign of peace, while remaining loyal to old Europe's best.

Now, however, it is a land where victimhood and self-pity are the moral requirements for being part of the ruling class, where the "world is turned upside down", except in a perverse and dark way. Above all, it is a land where old Europe is not only forgotten, but attacked and hated openly by the new and obscene self-pitiers who hate everything about that world.

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