Friday, September 2, 2011

Strong Words about the Medieval Era

A rather bizarre theory, Exit. How can something “imaginary” have such real world effects such as to overturn a great traditional pagan civilization as you describe in your manifesto? Rather than believe that “everyone” else is imagining things, it is much more likely that you are imagining things.

We have made this point before, we have described real events, yet it is something you have been unable to grasp and respond to intelligently. But one last time.

The Middle ages was, in the view of all the writers you consider traditional, a traditional civilization, as a matter of fact, the last one in the West. We can see that it was the creation of the Nordics and Germanic tribes in their confrontation with Rome. They feudal society was created by them and was a reflection of their own tradition. They carried over their warrior ethic into the medieval aristocratic, knightly, chivalric caste. Everything in this account points to a continuation or their own tradition, even if it required a “rectification” as Evola put it. We lately posted a short piece by Aquinas wherein he wrote “we ought to begin with man’s earliest conjectures about the angels’, and proceeded to take account of everything the pagans had written about it.

Dante followed Virgil. You hold Coomaraswamy in high regard. We have pointed out in Vedanta and Western Tradition how he pointed out the native path for Europeans to approach the Vedanta. If you cannot even understand the European Tradition, we are quite skeptical about your accounts of the Veda. We could continue, but there are a few hundred articles on Gornahoor that you could read instead of cramming everything here.

Unfortunately, Exit, the half-educated ideologues of the world will not be the ones to continue the ancient ways. We urge you, if you are sincere, to cast off those unsubstantiated opinions of yours and approach Tradition in reverence and the spirit of Truth.

Cologero defending Christianity and the Middle Ages

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