Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gurdjieff, Hypnosis, Faith

Gurdjieff's work can be viewed as one man's experimental search for a new Christianity which was (simultaneously) the actual old one. Likewise, "Faith" can be seen as an exercise in self-hypnosis, induced by the split & deformed old personality in a desperate bid to re-unite the soul to the higher "self". Rather than seeing all religion (and by extension, most of man's real faculties as psychoses or neuroses - the more modern one is neuroses), we can view religion as an effort to establish 'rites' which can assist man in a path of self-hypnosis designed to aim at re-establishing inner (and outer) Paradise. The cunning man (as he might say) will not rely on one path alone (and one can apply this to "Faith alone") but will pursue whatever line of attack is appropriate to his nature (thus the need to "take heaven by storm"). Obviously, excesses, dangers, and perversions could abound here, but where do they not?

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