Thursday, March 10, 2011


The return to the Roman Tradition implies the integral return to the spirit of the truth according to the name, symbol and reality of Rome that must be considered as the sacred, indefectible, unpolluted apex, beyond any egoism or ambition of men or peoples, in the true light of the divine plane to which it belongs. This and nothing else is the ultimate goal of the Roman Tradition, the exaltation of the power of Rome in the ambit of the Tradition that alone can give truth, justice and greatness to the West.

The restoration that we propose, by taking up again the thought, aspiration and ideal of Dante, is a return to the spirit of Rome, not the repetition pure and simple of the past that would in any case by unrealizable since nothing repeats itself in the contingencies of the world, but the integral adherence to those eternal principles of truth that are contained in the Holy Books and expressed by ancient symbols.
- Julius Evola, The Roman Tradition from Gornahoor

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