Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Politically Correct & the Venus of Willendorf

See the entire article here. I haven't posted the actual figure of Venus of Willendorf, because it is (frankly) distasteful. In the Thirteenth Warrior, there is an actual man-eating monster-cult underground which the Viking adventurers have to defeat in order to prove their manhood. But being men already, they have nothing to prove to themselves. Naturally, however, their enemies are very matriarchal. This article does a great job explaining the mechanics behind "diversity"; it is a psychological compulsion of the most grotesque kind, and its "true believers" deserve not pity but anger, since they are "invincibly ignorant" but in the debased way that makes them culpably so. "Diversity" doesn't mean more Icelanders or Navajoes, for instance, but more Africans and Hispanics, of whom we have quite enough already. It doesn't mean individuality, but conformity and uniformity, within the constituted interested voting blocs. Above all, it means hatred of old Europe, the Father. Finally, the "conservatives" are beginning to get to the roots of the modern malaise (although they've got a long way to go). I wonder who is telling them, and why it took so long?

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