Thursday, February 16, 2012

Multiculturalism vs. Real Diversity

Excellent post. Throne, Altar, & Liberty, by a Canadian. He highlights the basic important points anyone who deals with liberalism, progressivism, and multiculturalism needs to fathom, in order to escape their gravitational fields. These three items are all secular Christian heresies, and need to be seen as such. The "truth" inherent in them is formally limited and used by the parasitical thought-form out of which the "ism" was created. Thus, formally, they have no truth; at the same time, they rely on Christian "charity" (naivety, really) to grant them discourse "rights" and power due to their existential residual truth and supposed human worth. All of this is autistic and parasitic. Multiculturalism, like homosexuality, can only be defined by assuming its contrary and then contradicting itself to morph into a predetermined thought-form that is guided by self-deception and sometimes even hatred or rage.

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