Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celtic Christianity

  1. Yes, Celtic Christianity is a way that poses least problems for those with pagan leanings – ancient spirits, shall we say. There are a few places to look. Gareth Knight is the most well known scion of the Avalon tradition of which Dion Fortune was one of the most famous members – he is also still active and responsive and good on the Druidic and Hyperborean tradtions, as is Fortune…. Knight has done a good job of integrating Qabalah and both he and fortune will greatly appeal to those with a rational rather than highly emotive temperament. John Porter offers good spiritual guidance. Also very interesting for those with a strong interest in grail traditions is Wellesley Tudor Pole.
  2. For more heart centred material John O’ Donohue is a wonderful writer, very moving – anam cara.

    Going back further, the Venerable Bede is a good starting point.

    Other than that I understand why Evola said what he did about Catholic dogma and I think he may be right, although one must bear in mind that while the shield is present, so is the dark night of the soul, which can last decades. Simpler if one has a monastic or missionary calling.

    Those who attempt to bridge the gulf between the ancient and modern worlds have a different sort of problem on top of this to do with knowledge, which is where Knight and Fortune are very helpful – the rationality and dry humour helps one survive the heartbreak. Or at least to believe one survives!!

    Comment by Charlotte — 2011-11-09 @ 09:45

  3. A few words from the venerable Bede I posted on my website recently:

    “I know you think I speak this in a raving fit, but let me inform you it is not so; for I tell you, that I see this house filled with so much light, that your candle there seems to me to be dark. ”

    And when still no one regarded what she said, or returned any answer, she added, ” Let that candle burn as long as you will; but take notice, that it is not my light, for my light will come to me at the dawn of the day.”

    Comment by charlotte — 2011-11-11 @ 17:30

  4. Where is this quote in Bede, and can you link to your site?

    Comment by Logres — 2011-11-12 @ 15:31

  5. It’s from Book IV Chapter VIII

    Comment by charlotte — 2011-11-12 @ 15:53


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