Saturday, June 18, 2011

NWO Analysis

Dugin again.

The USA considers itself to be the logical conclusion and the peak of the
Western civilization. In the ancient terms it was presented as the Manifest
Destiny of USA. Now they speak in the terms of human rights, promotion of the
democracy and of technology, free market institutions and so on. But in the
essence, we deal with a new edition of the Western universalism that passed by
Roman Empire, Medieval Christianity, the Modernity (with the Enlightenment and
colonization) and up to present day postmodernism and ultra-individualism. The
history is considered to be univocal (monotone) process of technological and
social progress, the way of growing liberation of individuals from all kind of
collective identities. The tradition and conservatism are regarded as the
obstacles for the freedom and should be rejected. The USA is in vanguard of this
historical progress and has the right and obligation (mission!) to move the
history further and further. The historical existence of USA coincides with the
course of the human history. So “American” means “universal”. The other cultures
have only an American future or no future at all.

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