Monday, May 16, 2011

Head & Heart

There is, however, one stumbling-block. This is impatience, the wish to get
results immediately. If we give way to this desire, we fall into the error which is
typical in this kind of research — that is — we will tackle the problem by purely
intellectual means. But in this domain, nothing can be acquired by the Cartesian
spirit acting alone. This is no longer purely a question of intelligence, but also of
wisdom, and a simultaneous and sufficient emotional participation is necessary.
Neither the head alone nor the heart alone can lead the student far. We would
not know how to pick up an object with only one finger: we could touch Jt or
push it, but to hold it, the simultaneous action of two fingers is necessary. If he
does not wish to fail, the student who tackles the elements of Gnosis or higher
Knowledge must realize from the beginning that work on these symbols
requires a simultaneous effort of head and heart,

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