Monday, December 13, 2010

Sol Invictus

There is something that has not been told of Rome. People re-imagine it every day, it is quite popular now. Why is it that heroes like Robin Hood, and dreams of Empire, such as Rome, are popular in the mass culture? I don't mean popular on MTV, but popular in a persistent & unique way.

Ernest Renan believed that had Christianity not swept over the Empire, Mithra's Cult would have become the dominant religion of Rome.

It was especially popular among the Legions, where Christianity was also popular. The soldiers were under no illusions about the future of civilization without something "higher" to stabilize it.

One wonders if what Christianity needs desperately today is a revival of Mithric influence (what might have been) in initiatic & aristocratic or militaristic forms, upon the rotting corpse of Christ's Church.

Some are beginning to think the same.

The Ghosts of the Past circle us like the shadows of gloom, which will master us, or we them.

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